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Version 2.0.14


  • Compatibility with WordPress 6.1.
  • Container – Equal height setting in the Parent container.
  • Post Block – Woo Commerce Products (CPT) not getting in Post Type.
  • Block Transform – Transform from core Paragraph/List to Spectra Heading/Blockquotes.
  • Post Blocks – Optimize the loading of Post Terms.
  • Table of content – Added overall block alignment option.
  • Info Box – Option to disable step links.


  • Image – Throws validation issue when toolbar link feature is used.
  • Button – Box shadow stylings are not working as expected on frontend.
  • Tabs – Plus button height was not the same as other tab buttons on the editor.
  • Tabs – Tabs border is inconsistent inside the editor and on the frontend.
  • Marketing Button – Backward Compatibility title color and hover issue on the frontend.
  • Post Carousel/Masonry- Taxonomy stylings are not working as expected in different layouts.
  • Post Masonry – Row gap and column gap label changed.
  • Post Masonry – Column Gap was impacting another post masonry, post grid, post carousel blocks.
  • Post Carousel – Column gap was not identical on the frontend after upgrading from v1.25.6 when an image is set as background.
  • Post Carousel – On reducing or increasing Post per page all items sticks to each other in editor.
  • Post grid – In the editor, the Read more button border-radius is not working on hover.
  • Forms – Phone country code text overlapping for mobile view in frontend.
  • Forms – Phone height and size enlarged issue on the editor.
  • Forms – Fixed phone dropdown icon position on the frontend.
  • Forms – Translation of select field text on the frontend.
  • Forms – Removed the required string and toggle button from the form block.
  • Forms – Toggle field size not working on responsive devices.
  • Forms – Settings uneven spacing issue and Hide border colors when style set to default.
  • Forms – Checkbox throws an issue in the console when the required toggle is ON.
  • Copy Paste Styles – Removed hover color for disabling paste style text.
  • Twenty Twenty-One Theme Issues – Button styling is not working correctly on both sides.
  • Resolved undefined PHP issue for block attribute.
  • Info Box – After drag and drop, block SVG looks bigger for a second.
  • Icon List – Disable link not working properly on frontend for old users.
  • Table Of Contents – Empty heading list, throwing a console error on the front end.
  • Review Schema – Added an aggregate rating in Type Software Application type.
  • Call To Action – Button was not the same as frontend when it is selected as text.
  • Call To Action – Selected preset looks different after refreshing in page on the editor.
  • Testimonial – Slider does not slide the content when returning from last slide to first slide.
  • Table Of Contents – Reusable headings are not listed in TOC on the frontend.
  • Timeline – Connector does not show color without an icon when scrolling.
  • Resolved Buttons should consider button text as a string instead of HTML in multiple blocks.
  • Container – Does not work properly when it is used inside the cover block.
  • Image – Hover on the border for normal image layout is not working.
  • Table Of Contents – Page was not scrolling to the headings on the frontend for some edge cases.
  • Translation for default text was missing for some blocks.
  • Z-Index extension is not working for the dynamic blocks.
  • Content flickering in the editor when hovering over it.
  • Container – Page freezes when we select and move multiple blocks at once to the container.
  • Advanced Column – Core image block caption alignment issue.
  • Admin Dashboard – Toggle not working properly in RTL mode.
  • Mobile CSS overrides desktop CSS inside the customizer.
  • Spectra block editor CSS conflict with other plugins
  • Desktop icon for responsive control move to the left from their position.
  • Container – Child container gets unwanted margin applied when boxed and content boxed layout is selected in the editor when Astra theme is activated.
  • Spectra CSS conflict due to which date picker of post scheduler does not show the navigation.
  • Icon list – Icon Alignment top and middle not working as expected if we increase font size.
  • Container – Breaks when the background is a video and classic overlay is selected.

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