Version 2.0.6

24 Aug 2022


  • Testimonial – Bottom padding and gradient color not working on frontend.
  • Responsive preview in editor – Editor preview for mobile and tablets was not working across different languages.
  • Post Grid/Masonry/Carousel – Fixed hover color background leaking out of border radius.
  • Review – Fixed star size changing in editor, when text labels were long; Also reduced excess spacing between stars and delete icon for responsive preview.
  • Icon List – Font size and line height was not inherited from site/customizer settings.
  • Column-child – Migrate Border stylings on editor
  • Button – Default padding is not retained for old users on frontend.
  • Disabled Lazy Loading of Blocks Components in Editor to fix the chunkLoading error.
  • Copy Paste Styles – Updated logic to work using site’s local storage.

Version 2.0.5

23 Aug 2022


  • Inherit Heading Block Link Color from theme.
  • Post Grid – Pagination alignment not working on frontend.
  • Post Layout – Title content not visible after title HTML tag set to P.
  • Heading – Set default alignment for heading as center for old users.
  • Call to Action – Buttons Text not wrapping on smaller devices.
  • Updated Border styling on front-end in multiple blocks for old users.
  • Advanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns – Background color and Video opacity issue for old users.

Version 2.0.4

21 Aug 2022


  • Added Enable Legacy Blocks option in Admin Dashboard.


  • Buttons – Text inside button not wrapping on small devices.
  • Automatic Block Recovery not working and block displays blank in editor when reusable block is present on the page.
  • FAQ – Enabling schema support does not give valid schema JSON on frontend.
  • Container – Fixed anchor bug (anchor wasn’t working and the anchor value wasn’t saved)
  • FAdvanced Row (Section) & Advanced Columns – Opacity not working for background image when image overlay type was set as gradient for old user.
  • Post Masonry & Post Carousel – When image position is set to background then content bottom padding is not applicable.
  • Tabs Child – Border not visible in editor for old users.
  • Tabs – Layout styles not displaying as they should for responsive devices.
  • Border backward compatibility issues on frontend in multiple blocks.

Version 2.0.3

19 Aug 2022


  • Instead of deprecating some blocks, we decided to call them “legacy” blocks. Legacy blocks work fine and will get support/bug fixes.


  • Removed deprecation notices from the settings of the blocks.
  • Added a setting to set default values for “column gap” & “row gap” in the container.


  • Advance Columns – Full-width layout not getting full width on the frontend.
  • Padding in some blocks were not visible in the editor for old user.
  • Post Grid – Content padding getting applied to post image.
  • Icon List – Fixed word wrapping and breaking behavior.
  • Info Box, Heading, Call to Action – overridden text color on frontend when used in the Cover Block.
  • Post Carousel, Grid, and Masonry – Disabled ‘Read More’ links in the editor and ensured pointer is shown on button hover.
  • Post layout – Title color turns white when background image position is set.
  • Table of contents – Headings not scroll when Cyrillic and English combination is used.
  • Backward Compatibility border issues on front-end in multiple blocks

Version 2.0.2

17 Aug 2022


  • Compatibility issues with PHP version 7.2 and older.
  • Forms – Throws an error on drag and drop.
  • Icon List – Throws an undefined innerBlocks when drag and drop from block inserter.
  • Icon List – Throws an PHP Notice for old users.

Version 2.0.1

17 Aug 2022


  • Updated the link to the intro video in Spectra’s admin dashboard.


  • Updated disabled block icon colors in the Spectra dashboard.
  • Deprecated blocks were not working for old users.

Version 2.0.0

17 Aug 2022


  • Redesigned UI/UX controls of Spectra blocks.
  • Introduced a new, beautiful & fast Spectra admin dashboard powered by React.
  • Block Presets – Introducing Preset for the most used block.
  • Control Presets – Added Preset for Box-Shadow, Button, and Inner container.
  • Copy Paste Styles – Added Copy/Paste styling feature for Core Gutenberg blocks & Spectra blocks.
  • Introducing the Coming Soon mode feature.
  • Introducing Allow only Selected fonts, Load fonts locally & Preload fonts feature.
  • Introducing new border control which allows users to set borders to Top/Bottom/Left/Right in all directions.
  • Introducing Automatic Block Recovery.
  • Introducing Font Awesome 6 Support.
  • Added global Container Padding option on admin dashboard.
  • Added global default Content Width for container on admin dashboard.
  • Introducing Collapse Panels.
  • Introducing Blocks Editor Spacing.
  • Added support for block-based widget editor.
  • Z-index extension for Spectra block.
  • Container – Introducing container block with advanced flex property feature.
  • How-To – Separate child “Step” for how-to instead of info-box.
  • Image – Introducing image block with advanced features.

Global Improvements:

  • Responsive setting wherever needed.
  • 4-way border control.
  • 4-way spacing control for padding/margin.
  • Refactored the Spectra blocks’ code & improved editor performance drastically.
  • Typography control – Added text-transform, text-decoration, letter-spacing and font-style options.


  • Template – Enable Templates Button on admin dashboard.
  • Display Condition & Responsive Visibility – Enable/Disable option for Spectra extensions on admin dashboard.
  • Removed jQuery dependency from Spectra blocks.
  • Forms – Global reCAPTCHA setting option on admin dashboard.
  • Heading – Hide option for heading text and description.
  • Heading – Text shadow, gradient color option for Title
  • Heading – Color option when link added to heading text.
  • Heading – Highlight the heading text feature.
  • Heading – Background color option classic and gradient.
  • Buttons – Multiple Typography option for Text in the parent.
  • Buttons-child – Enable/disable Icon option.
  • Buttons-child – Add “nofollow” to the link option.
  • Buttons-child – Remove Text option.
  • Buttons-child – Separate Typography option for the child.
  • Buttons-child – Background transparent/color/gradient option.
  • Buttons-child – Box-Shadow option.
  • Info-box – Enable/disable Icon/Image option.
  • Info-box – Allow P tag in Title.
  • Info-box – Icon option View( Stacked/Framed ), Shape( Circle/Square ).
  • Call To Action – Enable the Additional Button option.
  • Blockquote – Moved Twitter Username field inside Tweeter Icon Tab.
  • Icon List – Icon Position before/after.
  • Team – Title Span/Div tag support.
  • Table of content – Added Marker View Bullet/Number.
  • Table of content – Added Title below Separator Style.
  • Marketing Button – Show Description toggle option
  • Star Rating – Enable the Title option.
  • Star Rating – Star Position option.
  • Moved File Source option in block setting.
  • Post Layout – Offset Starting Post option
  • Post Layout – Show Meta Icon option
  • Post Layout – Overall Border option
  • Post Layout – Overall Box shadow option
  • Post Layout – Added Taxonomy Styling option, show taxonomy above title option and layout normal/highlighted.
  • Social Share Parent block Color and background color option


  • Multiple issues in multiple blocks.


  • Advanced Columns, Section, WP-Search, Post Masonry, Contact Form 7 Designer, and Gravity Form Designer block.
  • Removed Spectra extension i.e. responsive condition, display condition from the core block.
  • Table of content – Removed Scroll Animation Delay.

Version 1.25.4

7 Feb 2022


  • Fix: CSS was not applying on responsive devices.
  • Fix: Multi Buttons – Child settings were not visible in the editor.

Version 1.25.3

27 Jan 2022


  • Improvement: Added compatibility with WordPress v5.9.


  • Fix: Masonry option was not visible for core/gallery.

Version 1.25.2

30 Nov 2021

Fixes :

  • Fix: Block condition – Conflicting with plugin using REST API block preview.